First of all, start by adding the tracking script on all the pages of your site.

<script type="text/javascript" src="" async="true"></script>

Our script is agnostic to the client and can therefore be easily installed via Google Tag Manager.

Add the script with Google Tag Manager

  1. Sign in to your Google Tag Manager account.
  2. Go to the "Tags" tab.
  3. Click on "New".
  4. Correctly name the tag and click "Tag configuration".
  5. Select the "Custom HTML" tag type.
  6. In the space provided for inserting code, copy and paste the script below.

7. Click on "Trigger" and then select the "All pages" trigger.

8. Register your new beacon.

Test before deploying!

  1. Activate the "Preview" mode then go to your site.
  2. Check that the script is triggered on the page.

3. If the script is properly triggered, visit another page of your site to make sure that it is active throughout your site.

4. If the script is not triggered, check that you have followed the previous steps.

5. When everything is checked, you can go back to Google Tag Manager, exit "Preview" mode and click "Submit". 

When the script is online, don't forget to let us know at, or directly via the chat tool available on your customer area and the Mediego website.

Next step: "The interface of your Mediego Dashboard"

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