Taking over an existing template

You can choose an existing template as a starting point for your new newsletter.
The menu for selecting existing templates is only visible when the template is empty.

Good to know:
This option is functional for templates that have been built from the Mediego template editor. In other words, templates manually imported by our technical team cannot be used to build a new template.

Starting from scratch

If you don't want to take over an existing template, simply start by adding one of the elements available in the block library on the left.

Block library

The library contains several types of elements that you can add to your template:

Basic elements

We offer you a set of basic blocks.

These blocks allow you to structure your newsletter as you wish. You will find the classics (single column and double columns), but also more complex blocks.

Once the row of blocks has been added, you can select the type of content you want to put in it (operation to be repeated as many times as there are columns and rows).

You can choose between the following types of content:

  • Image
  • Text
  • Title
  • Button
  • HTML
  • Spacing

Here's an example:

Custom blocks

In this library, you can use your saved blocks with your graphic charter (header, footer, article block...).

Two solutions are available to you to create new custom blocks that can be reused on all your newsletters:

Article Blocks

From the "basic elements" to build your template, it is possible to create very.
Thus, the design and structure of the article block will keep the predefined parameters and you will only have to select via the "Editorial" tab, the articles to be placed in the configured article blocks.
These blocks can also be filled in automatically using Mediego's recommendation algorithms.
Find out how to create article blocks.

Item Configuration

The panel on the right side of the editor provides access to the different content (e.g., image link) and style (e.g., text color, margins, image size) settings for the blocks you select.

This control panel also allows you to configure the style of the entire newsletter (e.g. newsletter width). To switch from one mode to another, simply click on the corresponding tab as shown in the example below.

Action bar

At the bottom of the editor is an action bar:

The actions that it will allow you to do will change according to your actions on the template editor:

Indeed, if you select a line, you will see that the bar proposes to save the block as a custom block.

Saving the template

Remember to save your template after each creation or modification to avoid losing your work.

When there has been no modification on the template since the last save, the button in the action bar is grayed out and unavailable. Conversely, when unsaved modifications have been made on the template, the button turns green and is then clickable as in the example below.

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