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What we call "custom blocks", are blocks built from scratch and saved to be found in your customer account. They allow you to save time in the creation of templates since they do not need to be redone with each new newsletter.

How do I register a custom block?

Go to a template

For this example, we will make a custom block with the Mediego logo. 

The idea being that all our newsletters display the same header (i.e. the brand logo). This will allow us to recreate the same block individually for each newsletter.

  1. Start by choosing the type of block in "Elements" in the "Block library" and drag and drop the block into the template. Finally, select the type of elements (in the example frame = an image)

2. In the « Parameters »  tab insert the path of the image.

If the path is correct, the image should be displayed in the template.

3. Make your modifications (size, font, colors, etc.).

4. Drag your cursor outside the newsletter on the line you want to save until you see the blue line.

5. Click on the blue line (always outside the newsletter), a menu will appear.

This menu gives the possibility to :

  • select a line and its content
  • change the parameters of the line
  • duplicate the line and its contents
  • delete the line and its contents

6. Here we want to save the block so we will click on the first option (represented by a selection square) and then select the line where the logo is present.

Precision: it is possible to save several lines in the same custom block.

7. Once the lines have been selected (they must be in orange), click on the "Save custom block" button in the action bar. A window will open and you will be prompted to name the block.

8. Find the custom blocks in the "Block Library". It is ready to be reused.

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