The reason for being

As you probably know, Mediego's core business is to offer recommendation solutions to content publishers.

Our systems have the ability to analyse and process huge volumes of data to produce relevant and personalised recommendations for an entire newsletter and for each reader. 

Well aware of the editorial stakes of brands, we have chosen to leave the possibility of manual editorialization of newsletters because we are convinced that journalists and algorithms must work together.

On the one hand, journalists have business expertise that algorithms cannot decipher. On the other hand, it is impossible for journalists to propose content recommendations according to the reading interests of newsletter subscribers.

This overall vision led us to build the editorial tab in such a way as to be able to customize all or part of a newsletter while leaving the choice to the journalist to manually edit one or more locations according to the brand's editorial needs.

The possibilities

The editorialization on the Mediego dashboard will therefore allow you to :

  • edit the newsletter by choosing the contents in a few clicks, thanks to your feeds
  • to schedule the items at your convenience
  • to send tests to observe the final rendering of the newsletter before sending it to subscribers.
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