The different messaging providers on the market have different ways of working and do not all interpret the HTML code in the same way.

The preview available on the "Editorial" interface is used to give a global view of the newsletter, but it cannot take into account the differences in operation between all email providers.

This is why you have the possibility to send yourself test campaigns (always from the "Editorial" tab) directly to your mailbox to see the newsletter in real conditions.

In order to do this:

  1. Click on the purple button with an envelope

2. Enter a subject for the test (this will be the subject of the test campaign)

3.  Fill in one or more email addresses for the recipients. Then, on your keyboard, press the "Enter" or "Space" key to validate the email address.

4. Finally, click on "send".

5. Go to your mailbox, you just have to check that the newsletter is displayed correctly.

Please note:

In your test newsletter, there are "Automatic articles" that need to be personalized.

Don't be surprised if the same articles are present in both the preview on the dashboard and in your test newsletter. In the final mailings, the articles will be personalized for your readers.

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