What are the differences between an automatic article and an editorialized article?

Automatic article :

In the "Editorial" tab, an automatic article means that the Mediego recommendation algorithms will choose the content for each reader.
In other words, depending on the browsing and reading profile of the internet users, reader A will not necessarily have the same article as reader B and so on.

Editorialized article :

In the dashboard, an editorialized article is an article that will be the same for all readers at the specified location.

The newsletter editorialization interface

On this interface, all your actions will be done on the right side "Articles".

In order to be able to edit the "article" content in your newsletter, you must first have created spaces dedicated to the articles in your template.

To modify/select the contents of the articles in the newsletter, click on the pencil of the corresponding article.

You then have the possibility to add content to the selected location in two different ways :

  • Automatically
  • editorialized manually

By selecting the "Editorialized" tab, you can choose among the articles present in your RSS feed or insert a URL to add the article and its metadata.

(NB: if the article you have chosen was not present in the drop-down list, use the "manual entry" mode to make it appear.)

You then have the possibility to modify the "title" and "description" metadata related to this item.

To automate an item, simply click on the "Automatic" tab and don't forget to save.

Once your modifications are complete, you will be able to instantly see the modified items in the preview and/or send a test to your email address.

Here you can check that your settings have been taken into account.

Repeat the setting for all the storage bins dedicated to articles by systematically choosing between automatic and manual articles.

Good to know:

About editorialized articles

  • If the newsletter is sent daily, but the article is not changed daily in the newsletter, the same article will be sent every day until it is changed.

On automatic articles

  • A reader will not be offered an article that they have already read on your website or mobile application.
  • If you accidentally add the same article twice in the newsletter, an alert will be displayed to warn you and both articles will be highlighted in the "Articles" section on the right side of the interface.

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