Sometimes the use of an "image" block is not possible for what you want to do e.g. add the icon to identify a paying item.

This is how to insert an image into a text frame :

  1. Drag and drop a block in the newsletter
  2. Select a text block (title or description)
  3. The text editor is now displayed on the screen.
  4. Insert your text directly in the newsletter
  5. Click where you want to add the image (so that the text cursor is in the right place)
  6. Select the "Image" icon in the text editor module.
  7. Paste the URL of the image then click on "Add".
  8. To adjust the proportions of the image, click on it.
  9. Specify the width (in pixels) and save the changes.

  You will always be able to change the appearance of the text (alignment, shape, etc.).

⚠️ Attention :

This feature is not intended to add all the images of a newsletter, it is rather reserved for adding small elements to be inserted in the text like :

  • icons
  • small images
  • emojis

In addition, it is preferable to crop the images before inserting them in the newsletter, since our system does not provide for the cropping of images.

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