If you want to dynamically add a link to an article via a link on a button, e.g. "Read article" proceed as follows:

Attention ⚠️ :
Before you start make sure you have created an article block, otherwise the dynamic link will not work.

We are going to reproduce on the article in position one (on the picture above), the "Read article" button present on the articles in position two and three.

  1. Choose the block on which to integrate the button, by passing the cursor over the block it should be highlighted in purple. Click on it to edit it

2. Then add the text as in the example below

3. After formatting the future button, select the text and then click on the add link button. We can see that the metadata: {{metadata.mediegoLink}} is preformatted. Click "Save" to validate the addition of the link.

4. Save changes to the template

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