If you don't know how variables work for the creation of a template, I recommend you to explore the following articles before starting this tutorial:

If you are familiar with how the variables work, then the tutorial is on.

As a real Trojan horse in your traffic acquisition strategy, the newsletter has many advantages, especially that of generating advertising revenue. Let's see how to insert an advertising block in a template, which you can modify at will without systematically modifying the template.

Inserting a block of native advertising in the template of a newsletter

  1. Insert a block (number of columns according to your needs)
  2. Then select "Paragraph" to host text (even if the ad will be an image, this image is called via a variable (text).
  3. Save the template
  4. Go to the "Variables" tab
  5. Click on the "Add Variable" button. If it has already been created, you can go to point 9 directly.
  6. Name the new variable (in this example: "nativeads") then click on "Add".
  7. Still in the "Variables" tab, add the HTML (with the redirection link, the image source, etc.).
  8. Save the variable
  9. Go back to the "Template" tab and select the "paragraph" block that you added in step 2
  10. The text editor appears on the screen, it's time to insert the variable (in this example: "nativeads") which is in "Edit variable".
  11. Specificity for variables containing HTML: to call them in the template, you must use 3 braces and not 2 e.g. {{{nativeads}} and not {{nativeads}}.
  12. Center the variable as you wish
  13. Click outside the block
  14. Don't forget to save. The advertisement is inserted and visible on the screen.

Good to know:
As we announced at the end of 2019, Mediego has been acquired by the French Welcoming Group. Within this group, the company Powerspace is a platform specialized in native newsletter advertising.
They offer a large inventory of advertisers selected according to a strict charter. If you wish to monetize your newsletters, do not hesitate to contact them.

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