We have been working for many months on this major update and today is the big day 🥳! From now on, you can independently manage the entire value chain of your newsletters. Template creation, editorialization, variable management, etc. It's all there!

Here's an overview of what's new in newsletters:

New text editor 

From now on, click in a block (title or paragraph) in your newsletter and add all the content you need directly in the template.

You can add text, variables, and formatting. It is even possible to truncate texts so that they do not exceed a certain number of characters (e.g. material descriptions).

Find out everything you can do with the text editor in this article.

Saving a color palette

Each time you create a template, you can now save up to 5 colors.

This feature has one purpose: to save you time in the creation of a template. With the saved palette, you will be able to add colors directly on the elements without having to systematically copy-paste the same hexadecimal code.

To learn how to use the color palette, follow this link.

Integration of variables in templates

For more flexibility in editing a template, we have added a new variable system.

It will make automation even more efficient without going through many hours of integration on new templates.

Variables automatically take over the metadata of your flows, so from one client to another, they are not always identical, but completely adapted to the content and needs of each one.

As a concrete example, you can configure conditional variables directly in the template to display a distinctive sign when items are paid for. Interesting isn't it?

I invite you to consult our documentation on variables to learn more and discover how to use them.

New documentation

We didn't just recycle existing content. This is a brand new documentation! 

When we visited the old one, we thought it was high time to step back and take the stance of someone who has never used our tools.

Since the new features now allow you to be completely autonomous from template creation to performance monitoring, we started from scratch to help you in the best conditions.

We have made a point of honor to illustrate as much as possible what we have to say, so you will find many animated GIFs during your readings.

Another important point to note is that the new documentation integrates perfectly on the dashboard, since it is accessible from the chat.

Open the chat tool and type your questions directly. The answers will be displayed in the tool, no need to leave your current work to find an answer, everything is done in the same place.

Sometimes when you ask us questions in the chat, an article from the documentation may be directly offered to you if the resource seems to fit your request.

Ouvrez l'outil de chat et tapez directement vos questions. Les réponses s'afficheront dans l'outil, plus besoin de quitter votre travail en cours pour trouver une réponse, tout se fait au même endroit.

Parfois quand vous nous poserez des questions sur le chat, il se peut qu'un article de la documentation vous soit directement proposé si la ressource semble adaptée à votre demande.

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